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Welcome to the new way to manage your Oil & Gas UK (OGUK) medical

FEB 24, 2014

Welcome to the new way to manage your Oil & Gas UK (OGUK) medical

The global oil and gas industry has witnessed many changes over the years - from the introduction of new technology to ever increasing safety standards.

Protecting the people who work in the industry is of course a primary concern – and the OGUK certificate plays a key role in that, protecting you and your co-workers.

Now, thanks to a new simple process developed by Offshore Medicals, taking care of that essential procedure is easier than ever – from arranging appointment to paying for it, it can all be done online.

The peace of mind you need – with just a few clicks of your mouse

At you can book a personal appointment for an examination by a doctor at a time of your choosing with a few clicks of a mouse. Even better we cover all essential oil and gas medical certification, from the basic OGUK certificate to the specialist ERT certificate.

But we also offer added value services for extra peace of mind. Again, with just a click of your mouse you can arrange for a free automated email reminder two months before your next medical is due.

Plus if you need treatment that requires a ‘return-to-work’ consultation with a OGUK approved doctor, it can be arranged using our online booking system.

Finally, with all information stored safely and securely in our servers, you can easily retrieve it or update as required.

So, from booking to reminders to managing your records, our new online system can significantly reduce the ‘off-crew time’ taken up by medicals.

The essential tool for an essential part of your working life

The OGUK medical certificate is becoming universally accepted across the industry worldwide as the defining standard. So take care of yours the easy way with Offshore Medicals.


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